What does Sheekar mean? 
Sheekar means sugar in Assyrian. Baklava’s rich history plays an important role in our interpretation of baklava. It is only fitting that we include it in our name. 

What is the origin of baklava?
The origin of baklava dates back to the eighth century B.C. in the Mesopotamian area, where the Assyrians developed the concept of layering bread with nuts. At the time, baklava was considered to be the dessert of the wealthy. However, over time, different cultures and regions created their own variations, and now, baklava is found in the United States and around the world.

What makes your baklava gourmet?
Our baklava is gourmet because we have taken a simple, ancient dessert and elevated it to exceed the high standards of today's food connoisseurs. The creation of our Seasonal Tastes combines traditional baklava flavors with fresh, innovative pairings – so much so that our customer’s beg for more. 

We clarify natural Wisconsin butter, freshly chop walnuts and prepare our legendary house made sugar and water base syrup. We always strive to use the highest quality ingredients and incorporate additional local ingredients whenever possible. Our passion and attention to detail in making the baklava brings together the uniqueness of our flavors and brand.